Smartphone app control for car lifts

Lödige App Solution - smartphone app control for car lifts

Car lift control at the swipe of the smartphone

With our smartphone app solution users can call and operate car lifts via smartphone. The integrated administration tool lets you easily add or manage users and restrict or grant access saving time and cost. 

The app allows users to call and operate car lifts via smartphone, without touching lift buttons or an additional remote control. With the integration of the app, Lödige Industries offers users easy access, high levels of security as well as an intuitive administration tool for access control. The new app solution is offered across all car lift types and is available for retrofit in existing Lödige car lifts. 

As a completely Bluetooth-based system, the Lödige app works independently from any internet connections. Not only does this prevent unwanted data access by outside parties, it also ensures independence from signal disruptions. The bluetooth connection enables flawless connectivity even in underground parking lots. Ranges of up to 30 metres away from the elevator doors are possible with the app. 

Benefits for car lift users

Easy handling

Car lift users benefit from the simple and intuitive handling based on typical smartphone usage patterns.

Safer operation

The personal smartphone use removes the need for any touch contact with lift controls, eradicating the risk of infection transmission. Leaving the car in front of the lift is also not required.

Enhanced user experience

Car lift users will appreciate the easy and convenient use and the smooth and enjoyable interaction with the lift via the app.

Benefits for building owners & managers

Easy to activate

The required hardware is added by our team during installation or retrofit and the initial account creation is easy and straightforward.

Complete access control

An integrated easy-to-use administration tool makes it simple for building owners or operators to add and manage up to 1000 users and restrict or grant access to certain times or user groups remotely.

Improved security

Access data can be collected and retained if desired, giving operators a secure and intelligent entrance control as well access data in case of damage or theft.

How does it work?

For owners/building manager

1. Account creation 
You will receive a welcome email to your nominated email address with the link to download the app. Open the app and enter your email address to confirm ownership. 

2. Installation 
Our team installs the required hardware on site. 

3. Account management 
We will hand over the account ready for you to add your user and administration rights. Decide any time to add, remove, or restrict adminstrators, users or user groups. 

For users

1. Download the app 
Register your user email address and confirm it. Following invitation by the owner, you have accesss rights to the car lift 

2. Call the car lift via app and start using it. 

Retrofit smartphone control to your lift

The App can be added to many existing lift types. Would you like to explore whether your current lift is suitable for a retrofit? We’d be happy to help you find out. Contact our service team to find out more about our retrofit options.

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Pick the right car lift


Faster parking for added flexibility

Max. lifting height: 25 m

Max. speed: 0.6 m/s

Pit depth: 1.250 mm

Particularly suitable for up to 40 parking places


Less frequent traffic - less space required

Max. lifting height: 25 m

Max. speed: 0.15 m/s

Pit depth: 850 mm

Particularly suitable for up to 26 parking places


Easy to plan: no pit - no machine room

Max. lifting height: 24 m

Max. speed: 0.15 m/s

No pit required

Particularly suitable for up to 20 parking places

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