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Car elevator TRAFFICO - fast, safe and convenient car parking

Faster parking for added flexibility

Parking spaces are in short supply! When space for access ramps becomes an issue, we provide the optimal solution.

The hydraulic car elevator TRAFFICO transports both car and passengers quickly and reliably to the desired parking level. A wide selection of options is offered for this classic car lift to meet individual requirements.

Convenience important?
The most convenient way to initiate operation is by remote control or smart card. The reader can be installed next to the lift entrance on a pedestal, for example, with pull wire switches at each level.

Light beams between the cabin and shaft doors avoid any damage to the car during entry and exit. Light barriers facilitate vehicle positioning, thereby speeding up access. In the case of systems with two stopping points, the journey to the other level commences automatically as soon as the vehicle is positioned correctly.



  • Saves installation space, as no ramp is required
  • Fast and comfortable transport
  • High safety for persons and cars
  • Automatic travel for lifts with 2 stops for maximum comfort

Park on the residential level, the car lift TRAFFICO makes it possible.

Call car lift via app

Contactless operation of car lifts for smart and safe access 

Car lift control at the swipe of the smartphone 

With our smartphone app solution users can call and operate car lifts via smartphone. The integrated administration tool lets you easily add or manage users and restrict or grant access saving time and cost. 

More information about the Lödige app solution

Watch the TRAFFICO car lift in action

This TRAFFICO car lift in the centre of London eases access to a ground floor parking area.

Technical Data TRAFFICO

Lifting height max. 25 m
Nominal speed 0.2 - 0.6 m/s
Pit depth 1,250 mm (standard) - reduction possible
Nominal load max. 5,730 kg
Cabin width 2,500 - 3,000 mm
Cabin depth 5,500 - 7,000 mm
Cabin height 2,100 - 2,300 mm
Stops 2 - 8
Accesses 2 - 16 (one above the other or opposite)
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Shaft head height min. 3,300 mm - depending on headroom
Shaft width Cabin width + 800 mm
Shaft depth Cabin depth + 800 mm
Axle load max. 1,750 kg - forklift operation prohibited
Control Pushbutton control
in microprocessor technology with extensive
control functions
Drive Hydraulic power unit with pump-motor
suboil unit
Operating modes Fully automatic travel (2 stops)
automatic travel (from 3 stops)
Directives Lift Directive
RL 2014/33/EC
DIN EN 81-20:2014
Passenger ride Car with passenger escort allowed

Possible applications of TRAFFICO:

Apartment houses

With our car lifts, you can create additional parking spaces in apartment buildings to give residents an easy and luxurious parking experience without having to save on living space.

The TRAFFICO car lift is a classic car lift with automatic sliding link doors, a high conveying speed and extensive cabin equipment. The TRAFFICO is particularly well suited for use in apartment buildings for the creation of 6 to 40 parking spaces.

Office buildings

Our car lifts save the space of an access ramp, creating more parking spaces in your office building. The quick and easy entry offers you and your employees a comfortable parking experience.

Due to its high conveying speed, the TRAFFICO is suitable for up to 40 parking spaces.


A car lift for your hotel allows you to create more and easily accessible parking spaces for your hotel guests and staff. Not only is it easy and quick to transport cars to different levels, but our car lifts can also be used to transport cleaning trolleys, laundry and rubbish containers horizontally.

The TRAFFICO is a classic car lift with automatic sliding link doors and is suitable for a parking area with up to 40 parking spaces.

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Less frequent traffic - less space required

Max. lifting height:
25 m

Max. speed: 
0.15 m/s

Pit depth: 850 mm

Particularly suitable for
up to 26 parking places

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Easy to plan: no pit - no machine room

Max. lifting height:
24 m

Max. speed:
0.15 m/s

No pit required

Particularly suitable for
up to 20 parking places

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Robust technology - fast installation

Max. lifting height:
3.5 m 

Max. speed: 
0.15 m/s

Pit depth: 650 mm

Particularly suitable for
up to 15 parking places

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