Which automated parking solution is the right one for me? Two application cases for public parking

Automated parking solutions fit for a wide variety of applications – all having one thing in common: ensuring a space-saving parking garage and user-friendly parking experience. Especially in dense urban areas, automatic parking solutions thus often contribute to the realisation of building projects. In addition to optimal space utilisation, today's parking garages (including automated parking garages) have further requirements in terms of user comfort and sustainability. Developers, planners, and architects face the decision of choosing the perfect automated parking solution for their individual project to meet all requirements.

Based on the criteria 1) Existing or changing user group and 2) Available manoeuvring space on the parking level, recommendations of automatic parking solutions for individual projects can be made.


The user group for public parking garages changes frequently. Moreover, public parking garages usually provide a higher number of parking spaces compared to residential parking garages. As a consequence, an automated parking solution for public usage with changing user groups needs to serve for high frequencies in usage.


Case 1: Changing user group & sufficient manoeuvring space on the parking level

Projects with sufficient manoeuvring space on the parking level usually face a lack of space for a conventional access ramp. In this case, the required parking spaces fit on the parking level and are accessible thanks to the space-savings of a car lift. For public parking garages with changing user groups, respective car lifts need to provide a higher nominal speed.

Here, we would suggest the TRAFFICO or CARRICO car lift. The TRAFFICO is the perfect automated parking solution for fast parking of flexible user groups. For less frequent traffic the CARRICO car lift is the right solution.

See comparison of TRAFFICO & CARRICO here


Case 2: Changing user group & insufficient manoeuvring space on the parking level

Parking garages in dense urban areas often do not only face a lack of space for a conventional access ramp, but also need to increase parking density on the parking level. Thus, no manoeuvring space on the parking level is available. Automated parking systems deliver up to 60% and more space savings to your real estate and can be crucial in obtaining building permit or optimising the return on investment of your real estate project while providing an unparalleled user experience.

CUBILE is a robotic parking technology providing super-fast delivery of cars in combination with high space savings. It is particularly suitable for public buildings and other properties where high numbers or quick retrievals are key. RESPACE is a super space saving puzzle parking technology with the option to integrate e-charging on 100% of the parking spaces.

See comparison of CUBILE & RESPACE here


Case 3 and case 4 will be published in part 2: Choosing the right automated parking solution for residential parking - Two application cases

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