Learn programming by doing - Lödige Industries supports Roboter AG of local secondary school

The members of the profile subject "Roberta" at Warburg Secondary School can look forward to their classes this term. Just in time for the beginning of the year, they receive the latest complete equipment of the popular robotic system Mindstorm from Lego for their workshop. The students in grades 5 to 10 will have everything they need to build and program robotic models.

With the new equipment, small robots can be built and programmed to work e.g. drive off a square, park or signal when reversing. "Given that the programming of the robots is immediately converted into actions, the students receive a quick feedback on their learning performance," said Angela Lang-Albrecht the subject teacher. "This increases the interest and the motivation to continue to deal with problems, test experimentally and independently."

In donating Lödige Industries responded to a request from the teacher and her headmistress. The students had even advertised for the new acquisition in a flyer enclosed in the application. Consistent among the contributions was the desire to not only to be able to test new and further functions with the new robots, but also to be able to participate in competitions.

Philippe De Backer, CEO Lödige Industries, was enthusiastic about the initiative. "The letters from the students have impressed me particularly. They stood up for the new robotics systems because they themselves want to expand their acquired technical knowledge and compete in competitions. Programming machines is our daily bread at Lödige Industries. Perhaps one or two of them will find their way from programming a small robot to programming an air cargo terminal or a fully automatic parking system. In any case we were happy to assist here. "

"Without this donation, we would certainly not have been able to acquire the robotics sets completely," said Headmistress Claudia Güthoff. "For us as a school, it is important to give our students the best possible preparation for their future lives. In addition to the syllabus, there is the expertise in computer science that Roberta's participants acquire, as well as the social skills that they develop in teamwork, which will help give them an optimal start in their careers. "

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