Lödige Industries delivers high-performance goods lift for self-storage warehouse

Deventer/Scherfede, June 15, 2022 – Self-storage services are in trend and create flexible external space for commercial customers as well as private individuals. At the new location of the Dutch premium provider Edelbox in Deventer, extensive storage facilities have been created over two floors. To ensure safe and efficient transport of goods between the levels, Lödige Industries has integrated a high-performance “Escorta” goods lift. This allows goods weighing up to 1.5 tonnes to be lifted effortlessly and several people can accompany the transport.

The storage building was developed and realised by construction company Systabo, which was also responsible for another Edelbox location and has cooperated with Lödige Industries on a number of previous projects. In Deventer, Systabo developed a building that combines 60 garage boxes with more than 100 self-storage spaces. The compact Escorta chain lift with self-supporting steel frame shaft, fits space-savingly into the building concept and was delivered in black coating to match the design of the facility.

Edelbox provides their customers with fully equipped storage facilities that can be used flexibly and in an easy and uncomplicated manner. Since access must be guaranteed around the clock, they opted for a high-quality lift solution from Lödige Industries, which enables smooth transport at all times.

"We are specialised in all kinds of lift solutions to transport heavy loads between different levels in an effortless and user-friendly way. In industrial environments, large distribution centres as well as in storage facilities such as in Deventer, our Escorta is used to offer a space-saving solution with the highest possible performance," says Koen Reijmer, Sales Engineer from Lödige Industries.

The local service team of Lödige Industries will ensure the smooth functioning and undertake the regular maintenance of the lift.

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