Lödige Industries installs retractable car lift for property in Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen, January 14 2022 - In order to realise access to the underground car park of an apartment building in Schaffhausen despite little space, a space-saving car lift from Lödige Industries has been installed. This made it possible to create 10 parking spaces in the basement of the building. The garage is accessible by the push of a button via the lift car with a footprint of 2.8 x 5.9 metres, which also offers space for large vehicles. When not in use, the cabin of the retractable lift disappears completely into the floor.

Integrating the lift into the building was no option without reducing the living space. An access ramp or a classic shaft construction were not feasible due to the space requirements and for reasons of building law. Since the VERTICAR Plus from Lödige Industries can be completely lowered into the ground, there are enormous advantages in terms of space utilisation.

The VERTICAR Plus car lift is specially designed for use in minimal spaces and has the smallest possible shaft cross-section. The shaft pit is very low at 1.1 metres. The hydraulic scissor lift enables the vertical transport of cars up to a maximum weight of three tonnes.

"In order to reconcile maximum living space with the necessary car parking spaces, even on smaller plots, car lifts are the most space-saving solution. In Schaffhausen, we have therefore installed our VERTICAR Plus lift, a product that is optimal for these purposes, thus enabling the building owner to realise the development," says Stefan Jost, Managing Director of Lödige Industries in Switzerland.

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Minimum space requirement thanks to VERTICAR Plus
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