Lödige Industries modernises lifts in Frankfurt office building for alstria

Frankfurt, Paderborn January 19, 2022 - Lödige Industries has modernised the passenger lifts of an office complex in Frankfurt's City West and equipped them with the latest technology on behalf of alstria office REIT-AG. In addition to new drive and control technology with remote monitoring, the cabin lining was also renewed. Access to all floors of the building used by the city of Frankfurt am Main is now possible via a total of 14 lifts, barrier-free and with a contemporary design.

The modernisation had become necessary in order to be able to put the lifts, some of which were no longer intact, back into operation and to comply with the current safety regulations and standards for all installations. An additional requirement was to equip the lifts for disabled access. Therefore, voice announcements, control panels with tactile writing and seating options were installed in all cabins.

Eleven lifts were equipped with completely new drive technology and high-quality glass linings in the cabin. In all 14 lifts, the lift control system was completely renewed and equipped with a digitally networked remote monitoring system. Sensors that send data on the condition of the lifts in real time can monitor the systems and ensure maximum availability. Together with the 14 lifts in Frankfurt's Solmsstraße, Lödige Industries ensures the functioning of a total of around 4,500 goods and passenger lifts centrally at the company's own Customer Care Centre in Paderborn.

"In addition to the development, planning and implementation of new systems, we have extensive experience in the modernisation of a wide variety of lifts. With precisely tailored technical measures, even aging lifts can be upgraded and brought up to the latest state of the art. Long-term functioning and safe lifts like the one in Frankfurt increase user comfort in buildings and enable barrier-free access to all areas," says Emanuel Roman, authorised signatory at Lödige Industries.

"We continuously invest in our properties and thus create permanently attractive office space for our tenants. For the modernisation of the lifts in our building, a high-quality and sustainable solution was particularly important to us, and Lödige Industries, as an experienced provider, implemented it professionally from the initial preparations through project management to commissioning. In addition, innovative maintenance management ensures long-term smooth operation for our tenants," says Valentin Hovancsak Technical Project Manager at alstria.

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