Lödige Industries wins contract to build fully automated classic car storage system in Munich

Lödige Industries, a leading provider of automated parking systems, has secured a contract from SSR-Performance to deliver an automated car storage system. The 141-space facility in Munich, Germany is billed to be the most modern automated system aimed at luxury and classic car owners.

SSR-Performance is constructing a 10,000 m2 classic, racing and luxury car hub with specialist repair and styling facilities, race sports services and showroom. The new automated classic and sports car storage facility complements these plans. The contract with Lödige Industries includes the planning, construction, installation and servicing of the new robotic system. Work on site has already begun and is scheduled to complete at the end of 2019.

In the fully automated facility, cars will be parked in one of the access cabins from where they will be transported into the system by a flat robot carrying them by their tyres onto a transport vehicle and from there onto the parking space.

Humidity, temperature and atmosphere inside the robotic parking system are controlled to cater for the specific requirements of vintage cars. Consistent humidity and reduced levels of oxygen are important to reduce corrosion and fire risk when storing classic cars.  “I have been looking for a facility like this myself for several years now. When it became clear that it didn’t exist, I decided to build one myself,” says Stefan Schlund, Managing Director of SSR-Performance. “After visiting Europe’s largest public robotic parking facility in Denmark a few months ago, I was impressed. In working with Lödige Industries, I have chosen an experienced partner that not only understood my needs but also knew how to make them happen.”

“Despite having created more than 4500 robotic parking spaces worldwide to date, this project came with a number of new challenges our engineers were keen to handle,” says Robert Bawn, Director at Lödige Industries, responsible for automated car park systems. “I am pleased that we will be delivering what will be the most modern robotic parking facility for vintage cars to date."

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