Lödige Industries celebrates successful 2017, looks to positive 2018

Warburg, 08.01.2018 – „2017 saw us build more machines than ever before.” –Philippe De Backer, CEO Lödige Industries Group, began his speech at the annual Christmas party of Lödige Industries Group. Around 320 current and past employees from Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, took part in the celebration.

Dr. Rudolf Lödige, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Philippe de Backer reported positively on the past year: “Lödige Industries will close 2017 with a performance of around 150 million Euros. We can be proud of that”, De Backer thanked his employees. Investments in the Scherfede plant of more than 2 million Euros announced earlier last year are almost complete. In 2018 sheet metal production is set to be expanded with an automated flatbed laser cell.

A major contract for a fully automated cargo terminal for Turkey signed in December contributed to the festive mood, as did orders for fully automated car park systems in Hamburg, Munich and Sydney as well and new projects for the automotive industry. “The production capacity utilization is well secured in 2018. Your jobs are safe in 2018”. Dr. R. Lödige shared the good news with his guests.

At project level, Lödige starts 2018 with the opening of a fully automated parking system at BLOX inCopenhagen, Denmark. The public car park has 350 parking spaces and is located on a busy Copenhagen access road. Earlier in January, another Lödige project, Finnair Cargo's fully automated air cargo facility "Cool Nordic Cargo Hub" in Helsinki, became fully operational. Lödige’s 24/7 remote control service centre ensures the smooth operation of both the Copenhagen parking system and the air freight facility in Helsinki. The team in Scherfede monitors the systems and can remotely intervene and support local service technicians in case of any issues.

Every year Lödige Industries Group honours one of its employees. In 2017, the lift mechanic Helmut Hillebrand received the title of "Employee of the Year". He is a specialist in new heavy-load lift installations. "Lödige installs hundreds of elevators every year - some of these facilities are very complex and require a lot of experience and a high level of flexibility and organizational skills during installation. Helmut Hillebrand has been doing this for 37 years. We would like to show our appreciation for this”, commended Mr De Backer at the handover of the certificate. The title "Employee of the Year" carries a 10,000 EUR gratuity and a life-long job guarantee.

Lödige Industries Group is proud of the longevity of its employees. Dr Lödige and Mr. De Backer took time also for jubilees. Angelika Koch, Gerhard Klausfering, Reinhold Gloth und Michael Fischer were honoured for 40 years’ service for the company and Stefan Michels, Burkhard Pöhler, Sascha Siegmund, Manuela Stuckenbrock und Petra Dübbert for 25 years. All were congratulated and received honorary certificates from the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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