Lödige Industries provides HK Electric with an automated storage system for cable drums

Hong Kong, January 24, 2024  Lödige Industries, a leading global supplier of logistics systems, has recently completed the installation of an automated storage and retrieval system at The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. (HK Electric)'s Electric Tower in Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island. The system incorporates an elevating transfer vehicle (ETV) to efficiently handle heavy cable drums and transformers. This innovative solution not only maximises warehouse space utilisation and enhances safety, but it also improves material handling efficiency and streamlines inventory management processes. With the ability to control, retrieve, and monitor cable drum storage, the system provides a solid foundation for future expansion and evolution of the company.

Lighting up homes and businesses of Hong Kong since 1890, HK Electric has a long record of providing a safe and highly reliable electricity supply at a reasonable price to customers on Hong Kong and Lamma islands. Remarkably, the electricity supply rating of HK Electric has been maintained at higher than 99.999% since 1997, a record that excels many top cities in the world. This outstanding accomplishment places the company among the world's leading performers in this regard. To consistently deliver such stable and dependable services, the implementation of modern storage systems that align with the ever-evolving demands of the industry is imperative.

As the available storage area of 800 m² is not extendable, a multi-storey solution was required to meet the growing demand. At the same time, the cable drums, weighing in at 5.3 tons each are susceptible to damage if stored incorrectly. Retrieval and stock tracking posed an additional challenge. The new fully automated 4-level system serviced by an ETV enables the customer to store significantly more stock on the same footprint in a safe and damage-free manner. Up to 293 storage positions can now be managed in the warehouse.

The customised system is comprised of high-quality hardware components such as powered decks and conveyors, as well as intelligent control software.  With the introduction of automated processes, physically difficult manual labour for transporting and storing drums is significantly reduced. In conjunction, these provide HK Electric with real-time visibility and control over inventory, while improving work routines for staff.

Alan So, Head of Commercial Services at HK Electric, comments: “Health and Safety is always among HK Electric's top priorities. We have been promoting automation and innovation as tools to improve productivity and safety in our business activities. Our cable drum inventory management has become more efficient thanks to our cooperation with Lödige Industries. The new automated ETV system helps optimise storage density and safety”, he continues. “Lödige Industries provided support at every step, from planning, permits, construction, testing to training. The system now gives us control over drum storage, retrieval, and visibility, optimizing our storage space. It also provides a foundation to build upon for future growth and changing needs.”

Joman Chong, General Manager of the BPS Global Group that was involved in the project, also confirms: "By working hand-in-hand with Lödige, we presented HK Electric with an all-encompassing solution that revolutionizes their approach to inventory management and storage optimization. We eagerly anticipate further strengthening our collaboration with Lödige as we jointly develop our businesses."

Lödige Industries is a leading global supplier of logistics systems, with a focus on moving heavy goods. "The energy sector is a new industry in which we have now been able to demonstrate our expertise in solving complex material handling requirements for the first time”, says Nicholas Tripptree, Managing Director for Asia-Pacific, for Lödige Industries. “The project for HK Electric has shown that our in-depth and wide-ranging knowledge of transporting heavy goods is transferable to the challenges in other industries so that we can successfully design and implement projects with similar requirements for customers in a variety of sectors," he adds.

Fully automated ETV warehouse system for cable drums | HK Electric | Hong Kong
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