Official opening of COOL Nordic Cargo Hub at Helsinki

With the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub it will be possible to provide more general cargo services and special services, guaranteeing cool conditions for cargo, which need controlled temperature. The facility has 31,000 square metres of warehousing space, 6,000 square metres of office space and can handle up to 350,000 tonnes annually.

For the Material Handling System part of this investment, Finnair has chosen the Lödige Industries Group from Warburg, Germany. Lödige Industries was responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation including controls and maintenance. The heart of the logistic system is the storage and transport system for airfreight containers (ULD) and pallets with two 15ft Elevating Transfer Vehicles (6.8ton capacity) as well as an In-House Pallet Handling System comprising of an 11 aisle high bay storage system (ASRS) with approximately 2,000 storage positions and 11 Stacker Cranes (1.2 ton capacity). The system also includes Landside and Airside Interfaces, as well as three separate temperature zones for cargo and special goods such as pharmaceutical products and perishable food.

The flight build and break process within the terminal is managed by using the Lödige Industries warehouse management software "Cargo Professional Suite". Various software plugins will allow Finnair cargo to optimize the efficiency of the operation within the cargo hub.

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