Online Food Retailer benefits from new goods lift solution for distribution centres in the UK

In 2020, Lödige Industries has installed nine free-standing SHERPA goods lifts for a customer’s new distribution centres across the United Kingdom. Manufactured in Lödige Industries’ factory in Scherfede, Germany, the goods only lifts help the online food retailer to meet market demands.

The online food retail market in the United Kingdom is on the rise. A current strong growth in online food shopping leads online food retailers to expand and/or optimise their distribution centres. To be able to meet the increasing market demand, our customer decided to equip their new distribution warehouses with appropriate goods lifts solutions. Due to successful projects in the past, the customer decided to have lift solutions from Lödige Industries’ installed again.

Next to former successful cooperation, the customer was convinced to rely on lift solutions from Lödige Industries due to the standard benefits of the SHERPA goods only lift. The SHERPA is supplied as standard with a free-standing shaft and no requirement for a pit and machine room. Thus, the customer was enabled to reduce space requirements and keep the costs for any construction work down. Furthermore, the flow of goods has been optimised as installed goods lifts on this project move up to 3,000kg at a time over 3 stops at 0.4 meters per second. 

In close cooperation with the design engineers in our German office, a tailor-made solution for extra car strengthening was developed and transferred to all nine goods only lifts. The goods lifts have all been manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany and installed by UK based engineers.

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Nine SHERPA goods lifts for online food retailer to meet market demand in the UK.
Optimising flow of goods with goods lifts moving up to 3,000kg at a time over 3 stops at 0.4 meters per second.
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