Reclaim urban living spaces with intelligent parking space management

When constructing or modernizing buildings, the creation of car parking spaces is a crucial element. Location or building characteristics often do not allow the installation of a ramp to access an underground car park. The loss of urban living space requires innovative ways of thinking also around space-saving, efficient and user-friendly parking space management.

At BAU 2019 Lödige Industries is going to present solutions to these challenges - from individual car lifts to fully automated car park systems.

Lödige car park solutions remove the need for a ramp, generating extra parking spots and in this way releasing additional revenue. In result it is possible to comply with two main requirements of customers – maximising available space and lowering building costs. Depending on the character of the building, required number of spots and preferences, Lödige offers different types of car lifts and parking systems to provide added value to its customers’ projects.

Fully automated car parking system from Lödige Industries can increase the number of parking spaces by up to 60%. Lödige supplies its systems worldwide. For example, Europe’s largest, with close to 1000 spaces, was installed in Aarhus, Denmark. High throughput and availability are guaranteed, thanks to a unique shifter system. The shifters, which are going to be exhibited at the BAU 2019, lift and transport the car by its tires. Since installation in 2015, system availability has been above 99%, with 24/7 maintenance and monitoring by Lödige’s remote control centre. Customers can choose different service packages depending on their requirements – such as on-site maintenance or remote monitoring from the Lödige headquarters. In May 2018, Lödige handed over a 350 spaces parking system in Copenhagen. The BLOX building’s complex architecture and site restrictions did not allow to design parking spaces of uniform length. A vehicle measurement system from Lödige ensures that space within the system is optimised to park the maximum number of cars. This allowed the creation of one-third additional parking spaces, a significant advantage, given the building’s central urban position.

Book some time in your calendar and visit us at the BAU 2019! Find us in the hall B3, stand 531. We look forward to welcoming you!

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