Visit from the Norwegian magazine Adresseavisen at BLOX

BLOX, the new Danish Architecture Centre in Denmark's capital, is one of the biggest construction projects in Copenhagen. The building structured as multiple blocks stacked on the top of each other was designed by Rem Koolhaas and his architectural office, OMA. It is going to be a new venue for life in the city, accomodating recreational outdoor urban spaces, playgrounds, cafes and forum for the built environment.

The fully automated car park system Cubile® S delivered by the Lödige Industries Group has room for 350 cars and is located under the building. Parking in the Cubile®S facility is a stress-free and convenient experience for drivers: They simply park their cars at ground level in a well-lit and spacious entrance cabin and take a parking ticket. After that, everything is fully automatic - it really is "park and hide". The cabin's roller shutter closes and the car is transported below ground in a lift. There, the Lödige Shifter, an ultra-flat robot, drives underneath the car and lifts it up at the wheels. The transfer vehicle then carries it from the lift to the actual parking space. To retrieve the car, the whole process operates in reverse once the parking ticket has been paid. The car appears in the cabin at ground level, the driver climbs in and simply drives away. Only a chauffeur could make it more convenient.

Here you can read more about the project.

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