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Finnair Cool Cargo Hub, Helsinki

November 2017 Helsinki

Europe's most modern air freight terminal

After two years of overall project duration and more than 4,400 individual tests, the most modern freight centre in Europe, the Finnair COOL Cargo Hub in Helsinki, went into operation in January 2018. State-of-the-art warehouse logistics was provided by Lödige Industries.

The existing terminal was completely redesigned. Finnair selected Lödige Industries, who accompanied the company from design through production and assembly to commissioning. The Finnair COOL Cargo Hub with a storage capacity of up to 580 Aircraft Unit Load Devices (ULDs) and 2,000 pallets occupies 31,000 square meters. Lödige supplied the ULD and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). The warehouse management system also came from Lödige Industries. Eleven height-adjustable loading and unloading stations for ULDs with a length of ten to twenty feet and a maximum weight of up to 13.6 tons were also included in the scope of supply, along with eleven stacker cranes, which handle the more than 2,000 pallets on five floors and at rack heights of up to twelve metres. Two integrated X-Ray machines for the inspection of cargo are also part of the complex logistics.

Seamless alignment of the IC (Inventory Control and CMS (Cargo Management System) in the Cargo Professional Suite of the Lödige Freight Management System addresses the complexities of Finnair's cargo operations and makes the system extremely user-friendly with only one user interface. Visually, the system captures a large amount of goods-specific data, such as dimensions, weights, and special handling codes, and warehouse-to-warehouse scanning enables warehouse management to access and access all cargo-related information at all times - For example, in time and temperature critical goods - shortest paths and necessary temperature zone requirements are included in the handling.

A team of Lödige service technicians is on-site to provide maintenance in Helsinki and in the Lödige Industries Remote Control Center, at the company's German HQ, the team is keeping an eye on the warehouse management system. Complete monitoring, colleague coordination and on-site maintenance in Helsinki, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are all part of the service contract.

Project details

  • Client: Finnair
  • Location: Nordic Cool Cargo Hub, Helsinki
  • Completion date: Novembr 2017
  • Capacity: 350,000 t
  • System: Fully automated ULD and cargo storage system

Equipment/components details

  • 2 x 15 ft 4 level Elevating transfer vehicles ETVs
  • 11 x Stacker cranes
  • 2,000 Pallet positions
  • 538 ULD storage positions
  • 13 Elevating workstations
  • 24 Airside Dolly docks
  • 5 Truck Docks