How to use the Nearkey App

Videos for easy set-up and use

Congratulations! You can call and operate your car lift via smartphone with the smartphone app solution "Nearkey". 

Using the Nearkey app eliminates the inconvenience of carrying and managing handheld transmitters. User management is integrated into the Nearkey app, which can be used to release or delete users for the car lift. Different types of users and user groups can be created. User administration can of course also be carried out remotely on the PC.

Nearkey is an electrical access control system from the company Nayar Systems. The app is a highly secure access system that uses asymmetric cryptography as its encryption method. The app is available for free as a download from the Google Playstore and iOS App Store.

During the installation of the lift, the Nearkey system is already fully assembled and commissioned by Lödige Industries. When the lift is handed over to the customer, the Nearkey owner rights are also handed over at the same time.

Quick video tutorials on the use of Nearkey

Watch our easy tutorials on registering and using the Nearkey App to control access to your car lift.

Setting up the NearKey app on your smart phone

Operating the app on your smart phone

Creating users and assigning access rights

Web login

Register of activities

Activate Bluetooth

To use the app, you must activate Bluetooth and give the app access to your location. As soon as you are within range of the car lift with your smartphone, the respective level/access is displayed in the app. To call the lift, simply open the app and make the call by clicking on the floor button. A confirmation will be displayed.

User types

Nearkey has three different user types, the owner, the admins and the users.

These are differentiated as follows:


Only one per lift possible

Can create/delete individual admins and users

Can create/delete groups of admins and users

Can set time restrictions (e.g. Mon.-Fri.: 8am-4pm)

Can change the design & designation of the call displays


Can create/delete additional users

Can create/delete groups of users

Can set time restrictions for users (e.g. Mon.-Fri.: 8-16 hrs.)

Can change the name of the call displays


Can only use the app to call and send the car lift.

In addition, groups with several users can be created and assigned to the respective access. Up to a maximum of 1,000 users can be created per access/nearkey and group.

Access restrictions for the respective access can also be carried out in the integrated user administration. Here, time-based usage restrictions can be set for each user or group.

Activity register/access log

Furthermore, the temporal use can be evaluated via the activity register/access log. This means that it is possible to output and analyse the use of the lift or access over a previously defined period of time. This can be done both via the app and via the weblogin A CSV file of the data can also be downloaded. The activity register then shows the date, time, use and user for the respective access. In this way, it can be traced who used the lift and when.

It is important to note that the owner of the lift and the admins are responsible for user administration. User administration is not carried out by Lödige Industries after the lift system has been handed over to the customer. Lödige Industries accepts no liability for any misuse/assignment of incorrect access rights!

Further details can be found in the Nayar Systems operating manual. This is available in four languages: English, Spanish, German and French and can be viewed or downloaded at the following address.

Call car lift via app

Contactless operation of car lifts for smart and safe access

Car lift control at the swipe of the smartphone 

With our smartphone app solution users can call and operate car lifts via smartphone. The integrated administration tool lets you easily add or manage users and restrict or grant access saving time and cost. 

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