Maximum number of parking spaces through automatic parking in Hamburg

Individual advice for optimal planning and efficient implementation of the automatic parking system

The fully automated parking system for Hansa Residence in Hamburg's Steilshoop district was installed in 2019. In total, the pallet parking system can provide 17 car parking spaces on a footprint of only 320m2.

Automated parking for student residence in Hamburg

The Hansa Residence guest house was built in 2019 and is located in the Steilshoop district of Hamburg. The modern ambience and comfortable living in a total of 33 two-bed rooms offers space for private and business visits. In addition, the building has assisted living facilities for trainees. Thanks to funding from the German Federal Ministry of Construction as part of the Vario programme, an automatic parking system could be integrated into the building. With the "Vario Living" programme, the Federal Ministry of Building promotes affordable housing for students and trainees in Germany.

A white car is seen parked inside an automated parking system.

17 car parking spaces on 320m2

In the intended garage area of the building, it was not possible to generate enough parking spaces by conventional means. Several retaining walls on the available area of 320m2 made the parking situation difficult. In addition, the property did not offer any other parking possibilities. The client therefore needed an individual and space-saving parking solution.

Thanks to the flexible pallet technology, the automatic parking system can provide enough parking spaces in the given space. Due to the fully automatic storage of the vehicles, there is no need for driveways or walkways within the system or for a space-consuming access ramp. The elimination of driveways within the system therefore enables the integration of additional car parking spaces. In this way, the intended garage space is optimally used, despite various supporting walls distributed in the space, and 17 car parking spaces were generated.

After the car enters the demarcated access area, the fully automatic parking process is triggered. When requested to return, the respective vehicle is turned within the system and can thus be received in the direction of travel. Users thus benefit from a convenient parking garage. The drivers of the cars do not have access to the actual parking level, which additionally protects the vehicles from possible damage caused by manoeuvring and parking.

Furthermore, the availability and durability of the automatic parking system is guaranteed by the 24/7 Lödige service. By connecting the automatic parking system to the Customer Care Centre in Paderborn, any delays or faults in the parking process can be remedied immediately by remote control.

Facts and figures

Hamburg, Germany
Completion date:
Private use
17 cars
Pallet technology
Number of levels:

Challenges of the Hansa Residence in the realization of sufficient parking space

  • In the intended garage space of the building, not enough parking spaces could be generated in a conventional way
  • In addition, the property did not offer any further parking possibilities

Enabling 17 parking spaces

  • Thanks to the fully automatic storage of the vehicles, there is no need for travel paths within the system.
  • In this way, the number of parking spaces could be increased to a total of 17 parking spaces.
  • The automatic parking process also protects the stored vehicles from damage caused by maneuvering when parking.
  • The availability and longevity of the automatic parking system is guaranteed by Lödige service.

"The property did not allow space for additional parking. As a result, we opted for an automatic parking system with 17 parking spaces. We felt very well advised by Lödige and were well supported in our project. The professional service ultimately confirmed our decision."

- Claudia Düsing, Manager Hansa Residence -


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