Lorry lift enables a reliable and fast Last Mile Delivery Process for theatre in Tilburg

Easy, safe and fast delivery of theatre equipment to second floor by truck

In 2003 Lödige Industries received a request from the city of Tilburg to improve and simplify the loading and unloading situation in the entrance area for theatre equipment. Lödige Industries supplied a lorry lift that facilitates the approach and enables the loaded trucks to be lifted to the correct height. The theatre in Tilburg needed a solution to transport heavy and large theatre equipment over several floors. A lifting platform to raise trucks loaded with props and materials for performances to the height of the entrance is the perfect way to simplify or even enable the vertical transport of trucks with heavy goods. A Giant TS Lorry Lift with a loading capacity of up to 40 tons ensures a safe and reliable unloading process.

A Giant TS Lorry Lift with a loading capacity of up to 40 tons ensures a safe and reliable unloading process.
Location: Tilburg, Netherlands
Completion date: July 2003
Customer: City of Tilburg

Safe loading and unloading of lorries across multiple levels

Heavy and large theatre props and equipment have to be transported to the second floor after delivery at the level of the theatre entrance.  Lödige Industries was able to solve this problem with a lorry lift. The lifting platform makes it possible to transport the whole truck with the heavy goods without having to transport the goods vertically one by one. It also contributes to a fast, easy and safe last mile delivery process. This lift was integrated into the theatre at street level and brings a truck up to the desired height to better unload the heavy theatre equipment. The truck arrives, drives onto the platform, then the safety plates go up and the platform lifts the truck safely and reliably.

Lifting the trucks to the height of the corresponding entrance for loading and unloading enables a safer and faster loading process. Alternatively, the goods needed to be unloaded at street level and have to be lifted with corresponding lifting vehicles. In addition, lorry lifts enable quick unloading and stowing of goods, or in this case the props, at the correct level.

Modernisation for continued safe use

The most important question that had to be answered was how to ensure the safety of this lorry lift in the long term. High safety standards are one of the most important aspects to guarantee a proper use of this lift. Therefore, Lödige Industries checked the many safety components on the lift, which has already been in use for 18 years. Safety panels and the railing ensure that the users can rely on a safe use of this lift and are allowed stand on the platform during use. As a result, Lödige Industries was appointed to modernise the lift.

The whole modernisation process was very challenging in terms of how and where to renovate this lift. In cooperation with other parties, we dismantled the scissor lift at the theatre and then transported it to our parent company Lödige Industries in Germany. In our factory we refurbished the entire scissor lift and finally the lift was transported back to the customer where it was reassembled by Lödige Industries staff.

Facts and figures

Solutions: Lorry lift - Giant TS
Application: Theatre
Lifting capacity: 40,000 kg
Lifting height: 4,150 mm
Lifting speed: 20 mm/s
Platform dimensions: 19,180 x 3,500 mm
Number of levels: 2


  • Loading at the right height.
  • 40 tonnes loading capacity for trucks loaded with repertoire for performances.
  • Safe loading and unloading through safety panels.
  • Extremely space saving, as no long entrance ramp is necessary.
  • Durability and guaranteed safety due to modernisation.

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