Bespoke twin goods lifts enhancing space and time in Holland and Barrett’s warehouse in Staffordshire, England

Lödige Industries installs two reliable goods lifts to increase production efficiency in the warehouse

Holland and Barrett’s pick, pack and dispatch warehouse in Burton upon Trent has multiple levels. Previously goods were transferred between levels with forklift trucks and pallet gates. However, the a huge spike in orders made the forklift trucks and pallet gates inefficient and impractical. In addition, the number of forklifts operating in a congested area were a cause for concern. To meet the growing demand, Lödige Industries installed two SHERPA goods lifts with multi-level and multi-directional stops, including one for a future mezzanine level yet to be installed, thus future proofing the solution. As a result, H&B has been able to support the increase in its online processes business growth by enabling a higher throughput in its warehouseby operating in an efficient warehouse. The health and wellness market leader benefits from the advantages of quick, safe and reliable SHERPA goods lifts to stock and distribute their goods when required.

Location: Burton-upon-Trent, United Kingdom
Completion date: August, 2021
Customer: Holland and Barrett

SHERPA goods lifts maximise storage space in the warehouse

The rising demand for Holland and Barrett’s products meant that the company needed to store and move more goods in the existing facility. The existing lifting processes via forklifts were no longer expandable. By installing twin SHERPA goods only lifts with free standing shafts, all three floors of the warehouse can now be accessed safely and efficiently. As the SHERPA can be installed into any building without any alterations such as pits, there was limited impact during construction.

A potential third mezzanine level has already been taken into account and the highest level served has a lifting height of 9.05m. The lifts now enable fast transportation between all floors and open up the possibility of further storage space. Cabin size has been tailored to Holland & Barrett’s goods to ensure the most efficient transportation processes.

Integrating with Holland and Barrett’s work routines to ensure uninterrupted processes

The warehouse is a fast-paced and hard-pressed working hive of activity. Avoiding any negative impact on throughput, delivery times and processes was therefore imperative. Lödige Industries team worked closely integrated with Holland and Barrett’s operations team and partners to adjust installation work to daily warehouse routines; the experienced team of engineers were able to adjust their installation to their production times. Therefore, the installation could productivelywas accomplished without impacting warehouse performance go ahead. Fast installation and delivery ensured continuous production and early gains for the customer. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and its impact on supply chains, Lödige Industries completed the installation ahead of schedule.

Enabling construction in an existing facility- a temporary scaffold meets special customer requirements

The existing warehouse posed a few  challenges in the installation of the new lifts. Many lifts require a temporary lifting beam during installation, to facilitate multiple lifting points. However, like many modern warehouses, the facility in Burton upon Trend did not have a lifting beam. As this was required for both lifts, Lödige Industries developed a concept for an extended load bearing beam, that was created and installed by one of Holland & Barrett’s partners in this project.

Facts and figures

Solution: 2x SHERPA goods lifts
Application: Warehouse
Lifting capacity: 800 kg
Lifting height & Stops: 9.05 m / 4 stops
Nominal speed: 0.2 m/s
Cabin dimensions (WxDxH): 1500 mm x 1500 mm x 2000 mm


  • Integrating with Holland and Barrett’s daily routines ensured continuous production to
    address the rising demands and orders.
  • The SHERPA goods lifts are transporting goods over four floors. This allows
    the customer to maximise its warehouse space and move their goods quicker and more
  • To facilitate multiple lifting points and transport unstable loads, Lödige Industries
    provided a temporary scaffold platform.


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