Elevating Self-Storage Convenience in Paderborn

Transporting goods over 3 floors easily with the reliable SHERPA goods lift

Over the past years, self-storage facilities have experienced a surge in demand. Whether it's individuals downsizing their living spaces or businesses seeking storage for inventory and equipment, the convenience and flexibility of self-storage make it a popular choice. As a result, these facilities are becoming essential components, also of mid- and smaller town infrastructure, meeting the evolving storage needs of residents. In 2017, Lödige Industries installed a SHERPA goods only lift for the self-storage facility “Lager24/7” in Paderborn, serving 3 floors with a total load capacity of 1,500 kg. 

Paderborn's Storage Revolution

Space is becoming an increasingly valuable asset, in both, small and bigger towns. The demand for self-storage facilities has therefore been continuously rising. To address the needs of the residents in Paderborn, Andreas Hartmann decided to open the self-storage facility “Lager24/7” in 2017. The facility offers space for all possessions that need to be stored temporarily. To ensure that even bulky goods find their way into their storage boxes a goods lift needed to be integrated. Customers can easily store and retrieve their personal belongings in 500 storing boxes.


The focus of this project was the vertical movement of goods only. Customers can easily store and retrieve their personal belongings in the 500 available storing boxes from one level to another. The installed Lödige SHERPA has a maximum loading capacity of 1,500 kg and a lifting height of 7060 mm. From an on-site perspective, the key advantage of the Lödige SHERPA is the self-supporting lift shaft, meaning it does not have to be walled into a shaft, allowing retrofitting in existing buildings. Since the opening in 2017, the lift has been transporting a wide variety of belongings of the self-storage tenants. From boxes to bulky sofas, even a piano can be moved conveniently.

Facts & Figures

Place: Paderborn, Germany

Lifting height: 7060 mm

Completion date: December, 2017
Lifting capacity: 1,500 kg
Lifting height: 7060 mm
Nominal speed: 0,2m/s
Cabin dimensions: 2000 x 3000 x 2300 mm
Head room height: 2300 mm
Number of stopping points: 3
Pit depth: 0m

Advantages of goods lifts for self-storages

The installation of a goods lift in a self-storage center offers numerous advantages that significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • A goods lift streamlines the movement of goods within the facility, reducing the need for manual handling and minimizing the risk of injuries. This efficiency translates into time savings for both staff and customers, allowing for quicker loading and unloading of items.
  • Moreover, a goods lift maximizes vertical space utilization, enabling businesses to optimize their storage capacity without the need for costly expansions. By capitalizing on vertical storage, the facility can accommodate more inventory, thereby increasing revenue potential.
  • Additionally, the presence of a goods lift enhances accessibility for customers, particularly those with heavy or bulky items. With the lift's assistance, customers can easily transport their belongings to and from their storage units, resulting in a smoother and more convenient experience.

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