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Car Lift PEGASOS for the cinema Luxor in Bensheim

February 2012 | Bensheim, Hessen, Germany

In a completely new cinema Luxor in Bensheim the first PEGASOS was perfectly integrated. This project is a standing example, that the car lift PEGASOS can be installed in all sorts of shafts.

The machine takes the car and user from the ground level to upper level, where a lounge is located. The lift is used for transporting cars into the cinema's showroom for important events taking place in the cinema and for the daily business (e.g. catering activities).

Facts and figures

Bensheim, Germany

Completion date:
March 2012

Car lift in cinema showroom

Car lift


  • Comfortable transportation: the passengers can stay in the car
  • Narrow shaft dimensions possible: narrow columns
  • The opportunity to have several stops: the machine has a maximum lifting height of 24 m (in this case, 8m and 2 stops)
  • Space saving and cost-efficient: no machine room required and no cabin doors required

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