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Car scissor lift MAGUS: space-saving parking of one or two cars

Park the car on the platform and let it magically disappear in a pit

The car scissor lift  MAGUS from Lödige is a perfect solution for parking one or two cars in a very confined space.

A significant advantage of MAGUS is minimum space requirement. This is successfully achieved through the integration of the machine into a pit. Thanks to an overhead canopy, a flat and even surface is provided and the lifting table, i.e. the parking position is fully covered. As a result a vehicle is parked in a pit and the overhead surface remains completely intact. Furthermore, as it requires a low installation height, a classic shaft is not necessary.

Benefits of the car scissor lift

  • Saves on construction space as a ramp is not required
  • Creates two car parking spaces in even the tightest locations
  • Safe operation with fingertip control
  • Bio-oil used to protect the environment

Technical data

Max. lifting height 2.99 m
Max. speed 0.15 m/s
Stops 2
Min. pit depth 630 mm
Man riding not allowed
Particularly suitable for 1-2 parking places

Possible applications of MAGUS:

Single-family detached home

Thanks to the MAGUS scissor lift, the car sinks into a parking garage in the basement, already at the entrance area. The parking space is fully covered and can be driven over. MAGUS makes it possible to park one or two cars in a very confined space.

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