Car-free roadside

When we think of concepts for more sustainable and liveable cities, we think of a mix of historic and modern, open and functional architecture, we think of lots of greenery and space for public encounters. E-vehicles and lots of bicycles are on the roads. On the other hand, we don't want to see areas blocked off by parking spaces, whether on the roadside or in car parks. Imagine how much usable space would be created if large parts of stationary traffic were removed from the cityscape.

This is exactly what is happening in the historic canal belt of Amsterdam's city centre. 270 car parking spaces have been relocated underground. A fully automated parking system from Lödige Industries makes it possible to accommodate this number on five floors in a space-saving manner - in an intermediate space below the street surface and above the underground station. E-vehicles are charged here. Residents simply head for one of three glass booths integrated inconspicuously into the surroundings to have their vehicle parked automatically.

This is made possible by RESPACE, a fully automated parking system from Lödige Industries that parks more, larger and heavier cars in a smaller space than any other solution. Cars are parked on pallets that can be moved to any position in the system - like a sliding puzzle. These can be positioned very flexibly and thus adapt to even the most demanding layouts.

In Aarhus, Denmark, another parking system from Lödige Industries was instrumental in transforming the inner harbour from an industrial area into a vibrant urban area. The result is the largest automated car park system in Europe. In the underground car park of DOKK1, the award-winning building designed by the international architecture firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen, which houses Scandinavia's largest library, a café, community rooms and much more, it offers parking space for almost 1,000 cars.

To ensure reliable and fast parking processes at this size, DOKK1 uses transfer vehicles and flat transport robots instead of pallets, which gently lift vehicles by the tyres and move them around the system. With CUBILE technology, even larger systems can be operated efficiently. In this way, entire city districts can be supplied with parking space. The local bundling of parking spaces, for example for car-sharing services in neighbourhood garages, combined with connections to local public transport, makes it possible to reconcile the need for individual mobility with the requirements of a sustainable city.


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