Our newest video from the fully automated Car Park System in Aarhus

About the project: 

The largest automated, pallet-free car park in Europe has opened its doors in Aarhus, Denmark, as part of the city's new library, citizens' advice bureau and "Dokk1" cultural centre complex. Behind the project is Lödige Industries GmbH from Warburg, Germany, which supplied a turnkey solution including all steel and concrete construction, mechanical engineering, electrical, IT control and payment system services. The automated, pallet-free system offers c. 1,000 parking spaces spread across three floors below the new building.


For drivers, an automated car park is extremely convenient - no need to navigate through the narrow passageways and ramps, no long walks within the car park. The time it takes to park is a fraction of the time normally spent in conventional car parks. In addition, vehicles are much better protected from suffering scratches or dents. Parking prices are in line with Aarhus' price structure, in other words the automated service is no more expensive for the driver than normal parking. In terms of urban planning, the minimal amount of space the automated car park takes up is particularly important to note. Compact construction is the key, especially in city centres. Parking systems must fit into a limited space, which is why automated solutions are so attractive.


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