Game Rules

Kleurenwiezen is mainly known in Belgium, but is also played in other countries. The game is a Belgian version of Whist.

OBJECT: The goal of the game is to reach the number of strokes set at the beginning.
MATERIAL: Card deck of 52 cards (2 to 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of all 4 playing card colours)


Shuffling the cards

  • Each further deal is done by stacking all cards from the deck , shuffling at least once and taking away again.
  • The next dealer shuffles and allows the previous dealer to discard.
  • The player to the writer's left starts dealing first so that the writer has the 4th column in front of him.
  • The standard is 4-5-4 but 4-4-5 is not penalised. 6-7 is not allowed. No penalty but same dealer deals again.
  • Important ! The last card is NEVER turned over in colour betting !!!


When a player is given the floor he can :

  • Wait when he is first to speak. After that he can only join or pass; After that he can do nothing
  • Either suggest a colour. The order of the suits from high to low is hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades.
  • Either go with someone who has proposed a suit and is not yet tied
  • Suggest a special game.
  • Either pass. After that he can do nothing.
  • To propose a suit, another player who has not yet spoken, who has been waiting or who has proposed a lower suit, must still be able to go with him. Moreover, no misery must have been proposed.
  • A player who has proposed a lower colour may still go with a higher one, not vice versa

To join in a suit, the 2nd player must have at least one card of that suit. Only the 2nd player can still bid higher for both or pass. If it is clear that no player will go with him or if minor misery has been proposed, a player who has proposed a suit may bid solo immediately when he comes to the floor again.
When a player who had proposed a colour is given the floor again, he can also go solo or keep his colour (to the extent that someone can still go with him).
A player with whom someone has joined, can say nothing more as long as that partner joins.
Whoever joins in a suit can only bid or pass the number of tricks.
Abondance, minor and major soloslim must be proposed in the first bidding round, after the pastel round.
A player who keeps his colour can no longer participate in the bidding and can only hope that someone in his colour will go along. Otherwise, he must pass.
In the same bidding round, a player can propose another solo in another colour.
A player who has first asked in a suit but when he expects no other player to join in, or when a minor misery has been bid, may immediately propose a solo in any suit.
The tricks that one scores more in abondance than bid do not earn extra points. Likewise for tricks more than 8 in solo.
Small misery, big misery, big misery on the table can be played by several players. They then each play their game separately. No mix of several of the above-mentioned proposals can be played.
The jury must compulsorily be called in for every game from Great Misery on the Table onwards. If the jury refuses the game, the player will have to pass.


Bidding begins after everyone has first called "PAS TROEL". 4 aces # troela !
After the call of pastroel by each player, each player following the dealer says in pointer what he intends to do. He may ask in a colour, join in a colour or suggest a special game. The 1st player after the dealer may "wait" and afterwards only join in a colour.
Abondance, small and big soloslim must be announced in the 1st round after pastroel !
When in the pastroel round someone calls "Troel", the others call "pass big misery", unless someone wants to play big misery or abondance 10,11, big misery on the table, small or big soloslim. This player must now also announce this.

The contracts
Together: Together fetch the number of tricks announced, from 8 to 13. The suit chosen is trump.
Solo: With this bid one must single-handedly win the number of tricks offered, these can vary between 6 and 8. The suit chosen is trump.
Abondance: a bid of 9 to 11 tricks to be made alone in the chosen suit. Abondance must be announced immediately at the first bidding round (i.e. after the "pas troel" round). The chosen suit is trump and the player must come out first. If several players want to play abondance at the same time, the one who goes abondance in a higher suit is preferred. The other players can of course bid for a higher abondance. After all, a higher abondance takes precedence over a lower one. If both players abondance for the same number of tricks, the player who bid in the highest colour has the right to play. Abondance 10, 11 takes precedence over major misery.
Minor Misery: A bid for no tricks. Before the first card is played, each player discards 1 card without the other players being able to see it. There is no trump.
Piccolo: A bid to win 1 trick, no more , no less. Several players can play this at the same time. Without a trump.
Trump: When one player has 3 aces he calls trump. The player holding the 4th ace becomes his partner. The person with the 4th ace may choose the trump and must come out but not necessarily with the 4th ace. However, he must name the trump before playing the 1st card. 9 tricks must be obtained. 4 Aces is not a trump. ATTENTION : after calling trump, all players must still have the chance to bid or pass a higher game (major misery, abondance 10-11, major misery on the table, minor soloslim or major soloslim) before the 2nd trump partner has made himself known ! All players must first say "pass major misery" before the player with the 4th ace may make himself known.
Great Misery: A bid not to win any tricks. No cards are discarded. There is no trump.
Great Misery on the table: A bid not to win any tricks. After playing the first card of the 2nd trick, the player(s) playing this "open misery" must place his (her, their) cards open on the table. Certainly no pointing or talking to the cards is allowed. There is no trump. Jury at call.
Small Soloslim: A bid to make 12 tricks only. There may or may not be trump. No bidding in colours. The player who bids first in this game may play. This player comes out first. Jury at call.
Soloslim: A bid to take all the tricks alone. With or without trump. No bid in colours. The player who bids first in this game gets to play. Player comes out first. Jury at call.


Ranking (from large to small)
Big soloslim together 12
Small Soloslim (12) piccolo
Misery on the table small misery
Abondance 11 together 11
Abondance 10 solo 7
Major misery together 10
Troel (9) solo 6
Together 13 together 9
Abondance 9 together 8
Solo 8 

End of game

The sum of the individual scores of a game is not necessarily zero. If the game is won, only points are added to the winner(s) and nothing is deducted from the opponents If the game is lost, points are deducted from the loser(s) and points are added from the opponents. Please refer to the points table

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