26 international card game instructions

We have compiled a list and instructions of 26 international card games from all over the world to try out with your new card set. People have been playing cards together all over the world for centuries. Even though there are many different games, forms and variations, even when players don’t speak the same language, this has never stopped them from playing. Games connect people around the world. It doesn't matter where you are, what language you speak or what game you play, your success depends on your team. We all live on different continents and yet work together as one big team. Our success at work and at play depends on our teammates. Thank you for being the best team anyone could wish for. 

Some of the games compiled here are known worldwide, others are more regionally based. We invite you to get to know and try out the favourite and national games of your colleagues. No matter where in the world, let's play together, dear Lödige Team.

We hope you enjoy discovering and trying out new games and playing them.


(4 players)

Score enough points in a round to earn game points.


(2 players or more)

Discard your cards as quickly as possible.


(4 players)

Form as many melds as possible.


(4 players)

Score the most points as a team in 16 rounds.


(4 players)

Reach the number of strokes set at the beginning.


(2 or more players)

Discard your cards as quickly as possible.


(4 players)

Score points by winning tricks.

Black Widow

(3 to 6 players)

Avoid capturing heart cards or the Queen of Spades.


(4 players)

Be the first to reach 157 points.

Dou Dizhu

(3 players)

Discard your cards as quickly as possible.


(as many players as the number of cards allows)

Avoid taking the last trick.

Gong Zhu

(4 to 5 players)

Try to not lose and become the pig.


(4 players)

Take as little or as many tricks as possible.

Five Hundred

(4 players)

Reach 500 points as the first team.


(4 players)

Win the number of tricks you predicted.


(2 to 6 players)

Be the first to play all of your cards.

Şaizeci Şi ŞaŞe

(2 players)

Try to avoid taking the last trick.


(4 players)

Be the player with the highest score at the end.

Kout Bo Setah

(6 players)

Win the number of tricks you bid before.


(2 or 4 players)

Earn points by capturing cards.a


(4 players)

Win a set of continuous hands.


(2 to 4 players)

Be the first to collect 1000 points.


(2 or more players)

Try to avoid taking the last trick.


(4 players)

Win tricks as a team until you reach 152 points.


(2 to 4 players)

Get as many tricks as possible to score points.


(2 to 6 players)

Get rid of all cards from your pile first.

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