Şaizeci şi şaşe

Game Rules

The game Şaizeci şi şaşe originated in Romania and is mainly played in America and Romania.

OBJECT: The goal of the game is to win as many tricks as possible to collect 66 points.
MATERIAL: Card deck of 24 cards (9 and 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of all 4 playing card colours)


Each player receives 6 cards, two or even three at a time. The 13th card is turned face up and its colour becomes the trump colour. This card is placed face up on the table and covers it in two halves, the remaining cards are placed face down after being dealt and form the stock.


The leader starts the first tric and plays a card of his choice. The opponent can react as desired and try to win the tric. Each tric is won by the player who played a higher card, i.e. a card in the same colour as the one played by the leader but with a higher rank or a card from the trump colour.

After playing a tric, both players take a card from the supply, the first being the one who won the tric. He is also the leader in the next tricycle and has the right to announce the R+D pair if he has it.

Play continues until the supply is exhausted, at which point the final tricycle stage begins. In this stage, the opponent is obliged to respond with a card from the colour played by the leader and, in his absence, with a card from the trump colour. Only if he does not have these cards can he play a card of another colour.

It is obvious that if the leader plays a card with which he is sure to win the tricycle, the opponent will play a card that is as low in value as possible, which will not allow the leader to score many points.

At any time of the game the leader can close the game, i.e. he forces the opponent to play all the tricycles in the regime of the last tricycles. This tactical method is indicated when he can collect the 66 points needed to win the game with only the cards he has in his hand.

The player who intends to close the game announces this and places the trump card (under the share) over the share and blocks it. In the last tricycle phase or when the game is finished, only the cards from the hand are played until they are exhausted.


The cards have a ranking in ascending order of 9,10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. A trump suit is chosen in each game. The value of the cards won in a game is:

  • 11 points per Ace
  • 4 points per Jack
  • 3 points per Queen
  • Each King 2 points
  • All 10 10 points
  • 9 cards have no value.

If a player has the King and Queen pair of the same suit in his hand and manages to announce it (after winning a trick), he benefits from the following bonuses:

  • 40 points for the King+Queen pair of the trump suit.
  • 20 points for the pair King + Queen of another suit.

End of game

To win as many tricks as possible to collect 66 points to win a game.

A game consists of several games and ends when one of the players has managed to score the first 7 points. You can receive 1-2 points for each game won.


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