1. Preparation and Briefing
2. Concept Design
3. Spatial Coordination
4. Technical Design
5. Manufacturing and Construction
6. Handover
7. Use

Support in all service phases for planning parking solutions

Helpful planning tools and all necessary information for architects and planners

A car lift or parking system is an important tool for making maximum efficient use of the available space and saving building costs at the same time. In addition to personal advice on site or on the phone, we provide architects and planners with various planning aids on our website.

In this way, we support you in the implementation planning, during the construction phase and beyond: 

STAGE 1 - Preparation and Briefing

What is the right solution for my building project!

At the first stage of preparation and briefing, we can assist you in clarifying the fundamental questions: Which solution could be suitable for your project? What ideas and requirements do you and your client have for the object?

Using our customer references and examples of various projects in Germany and abroad on our website, you can gain an initial overview and insight on many design options and solutions. You are able to see the car lifts and parking systems that we have successfully delivered in difficult situations (e.g. no space for a pit, no possibility of building a shaft).

Stage 1: Find out how additional space was created in a multi-family building in Berlin with the help of our PEGASOS car lift.
Productfinder for Car Park Solutions
Stage 1: Find the right solution in just three steps with our product finder!

After an initial overview, you can use our practical   product finder to determine whether a car lift or a parking system could be implemented for your project. By answering three short questions, you can find the most suitable and space-saving car lift solution for your project. With the suggested solution in hand, we can discuss the important questions regarding the design, construction technology and economic efficiency of the building together. Our experienced support team can prepare preliminary design drafts that will form the foundation for your design ideas to take shape.

Requirements and options that you and your client can define

Usage & Capacity
Number of levels & parking spaces
Number of e-charging spaces
Headroom & number of stops
Emergency & 24/7 remote control
Cabin size & load capacity
Parking & retrieval time
Stage 2: Configurate a model of your individual car lift in our BIM configurator tool.

STAGE 2 - Concept Design

Lift planning made easy with the help of our guides and tools

Technical details and precise background information on our products can be found in our planning guides for the PEGASOS or TRAFFICO/CARRICO, which are available to download free of charge. Our experienced staff members will be happy to assist you in checking the implementation of your idea.

In addition, our BIM configurator is available online so that you can download the models in a wide variety of formats to help you create precise models and drawings. We are with you at this stage by assisting with the design of tractory curves and the achievement of desired throughput figures or the number of parking spaces. Finally, we provide you with lead-times for delivery and installation of our car lift or parking system, so that you can develop your construction project planning further.

STAGE 3 - Spatial Coordination

Benefit from our know-how on space-saving and efficient parking solutions

During this stage, we use the developed preliminary planning to create the necessary technical, structural and building physics designs and drawings of the parking solution for you. These include: floor plan determination, determination of the lane width, creation of load plans, location, dimensioning, acoustics (sound, determination of sound emissions, planning of sound insulation measures, throughput, passenger and vehicle traffic behaviour).

We also provide your fire protection and building services planners with the necessary information.

Stage 3: Detailed construction drawings help you and your customer to get an exact idea of your individual solution, as well as the precise planning of it.
Stage 4: The design of the transfer cabin can be customised and it can be equipped with intuitive user control panels, emergency call buttons, cameras and parking assistance sensors.

STAGE 4 - Technical Design

Planning together with foresight

Together with you, we create a detailed design for the integration of your parking solution, whereby we assist with the planning of the loading and unloading zones, among other things.

These steps help you to prepare the precise drawings of your building project, which are necessary at this stage and for all those involved (e.g. interior architects, structural engineers, specialist planners for fire protection or building services, etc.).  Also, the specification of the implementation can now take place, where we develop a concept for the achievement of your solution.

STAGE 5 - Manufacturing and Construction

We produce your individual parking solution

Then the manufacturing can be planned and the production of your individual parking solution in our in-house production facilities can begin.

As part of our drive towards Net-Zero energy con-sumption, our manufacturing plant in Germany generate and use 100% of the electricity for the production of your solution from renewable sources. You can find more information about our sustainable production on our company page. 

Stage 5: Industry and sustainability in harmony: we also rely on electricity from renewable sources for the production of your solution.
Stage 6: Lödige Industries - your partner on the construction site and beyond.

STAGE 6 - Handover

Quick and easy installation and commissioning of your parking solution

After we have completed the manufacture your car lift or parking system, we remain at your side as a reliable partner throughout the entire construction stage.

Provision of dedicated transport, construction supervision, trained and experienced installation team as well as test and commissioning of the lift or system are part of the standard service.

STAGE 7 - Use

The reliable and supportive partner at your side throughout the life of the building

In the final stage of your construction project, the lift or parking system is accepted and put into operation for your client. We provide you with the important documentation for the system such as, O&M manuals, relevant Certifications and test results. We are prepared to accompany you during the acceptance by an independent expert if required. Our support extends past the warranty and defects liability period, with the maintenance and monitoring by our service team. In this way, your I able to receive the quality and reliable customer service beyond completion.

For both car lifts and parking systems, we offer 24/7 connection to our control centre and remain the strong partner at your and your customer's side.

24-hour service hotline

Does your equipment have a fault?

Do you need a service technician outside the usual service interval? Contact our service team around the clock, every day (24/7) by calling the +49 5251 2980-800.

If you have a general enquiry, please call +49 5642 7020.

Parking solutions for a wide variety of applications

Car Lifts

Lödige car lifts offer a wide range of solutions that enable vertical car transportation. These solutions render space-consuming, expensive ramps and ascents superfluous.

Public Parking

User-friendly parking with high-performance technology: geared towards high frequency and fast retrieval our automated parking systems add space and appeal to your public building project.

Residential Parking

Extreme space-saving and e-charging ready:
our parking technology for residential and commercial buildings parking can enable your building permit and financial close.

Lorry Lifts

Bring your delivery traffic to a new level:
A truck lift raises the lorries directly to the building or within the building to the appropriate level.

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