Modernisation of the Rocket Tower parking system creates around 200 additional parking spaces

Relieving the parking situation near Checkpoint Charlie

The successful modernization of the Rocket Tower parking system in Berlin by Lödige Industries has significantly contributed to addressing the pressing issue of limited parking near Checkpoint Charlie. Completed in 2021, this innovative project has resulted in the creation of approximately 200 additional parking spaces, effectively alleviating the strain on the existing parking infrastructure. With improved accessibility and efficiency, this modernization initiative stands as a testament to the commitment to enhancing urban mobility and facilitating a smoother urban experience.

Modernisation as an alternative to demolition and new construction

The former GSW high-rise, which is now known as the Startup Campus, is one of the most striking buildings in Berlin. In 1996, an automatic parking system was installed underground in the 81.5 metre high building. Thanks to extensive modernisation by Lödige Industries in 2021, around 200 parking spaces are now available that could not be used before. 

The Rocket Tower project is an example of how many of the automatic parking systems that were developed in Berlin in the 1990s can be preserved and made usable for long-term, convenient use with appropriate modernisation measures. 

Enabling 200 parking spaces in central Berlin with bespoke modernisation

The automated parking system, which was built in 1996, had to be completely modernised to enable a fast and smooth process. For this purpose, the system was equipped with a new user recognition system and also received modern roller doors. The control and electrical technology of the entire facility was also rebuilt and brought up to the latest state of the art.

Users can now access the automated parking system via four entrances. Over 200 vehicles can be parked on six underground levels of the Rocket Tower. Users simply park their car in one of the parking cabins, from where the vehicle is automatically moved down a pallet and parked in a free space.

Reliable automated parking with 24/7 service support

A 24/7 manned support team permanently monitors the automatic parking system so that in the event of any malfunctions, faults can be rectified directly before this may even have an impact on users. Lödige Industries expanded its service offering in the German capital in 2019 by integrating B&B Aufzugsbau GmbH & Co KG in Reinickendorf. Currently, more than 400 systems are being serviced at the Berlin service location.

Berlin, Germany
Completion date:
September 2021
24/7 Remote monitoring:
Emergency call:
Office building
User recognition, roller shutters, control and electrical engineering
Solution - Service:
Modernisation of a parking system

"On schedule, the Rocket Tower now has a comprehensively modernised automated parking system. In addition to the design and construction of new facilities, we manage a whole range of modernisation projects that involve combining the old stock with the latest technology. This results in cost-effective solutions, as here in Berlin, to counteract the tight parking situation in urban areas and increase both value and user comfort."

- Daniel Osburg, District Director Northern Germany (Lödige Fördertechnik GmbH) - 

Solution and benefits for the customer

  • In order to keep the cost factor low and to use the facility efficiently, a modernisation of the already existing facility was carried out.
  • In addition, the facility was equipped with a new user recognition system and modern roller shutter doors.
  • The control and electrical technology of the entire facility was also upgraded to the latest state of the art.
  • This now enables users to enjoy a smooth and fast parking experience.
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