ESCORTA goods lift for self storage facility in UK

2015 | United Kingdom

For over 100 years, the Mason family has been looking after homes and businesses throughout Wales, and is a trusted and respected name in the removals and storage industry. Masons Self Storage Ltd. provides secure, flexible, long/short term storage in South Wales with 24-hour access at the best price.

For over 25 years the Mason family has been offering Self Storage facilities. Up till now it was necessary to carry furniture and boxes up and down stairs. The Mason family was aware of this problematic issue and searched for a solution, which would avoid this dreaded task. Masons Self Storage Ltd. took their customers to a higher level of comfort by making one simple change: installing Lödige’s ESCORTA lift on their premises. The whole package deal was so convincing that Masons decided to order two lifts right away.

Made to order: The ESCORTA lift design was customised for optimal integration in Masons Self Storage facility to carry goods and passengers up to a second-floor level. In addition to the customer benefits, Masons saved a substantial amount of money by choosing this free-standing shaft structure that does not require an additional motor room or pit.

Facts and figures

Place: United Kingdom
Completion date: Oct 2015
Lifting capacity: 1,500 kg
Lifting height: 5,965 mm
Nominal speed: 0.15 m/s
Number of stopping points: 3
Cabin dimensions (WxLxH): 1,500 x 2,900 x 2,100 mm
Shaft dimensions (WxL): 1,820 x 3,040 mm
Pit depth: 70 mm


  1. It was necessary to find a solution which will eliminate carrying furniture and boxes down the stairs.
  2. The goods lift had to meet specific technical requirement of the customer and be installed easily and quickly.


Solution and benefits

  1. Thanks to its new certification multiple persons can now simply ride in the lift with their goods to the desired floor.
  2. ESCORTA is manufactured as a customized product, according to the customer’s requirements.
  3. Furthermore, it is delivered as a free-standing lift structure. Therefore it does not require any building modifications and can be quickly installed.


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