Modernisation of the lifts for alstria in Frankfurt

Barrier-free and digitally monitored passenger lifts again facilitate access to multi-storey office building

In January 2022 Lödige Industries modernised and installed 14 passenger lifts in an office building in Frankfurt am Main on behalf of alstria office REIT-AG. The outdated and partially non-functioning lifts in Solmsstraße were recommissioned in accordance with current safety regulations and standards, as well as additionally equipped with barrier-free facilities and state-of-the-art technology for digital monitoring. alstria office REIT-AG is a leading manager of office real estate in Germany and is therefore familiar with the key requirements for lift solutions for an office building.

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Completion date: January 2022
Customer: Alstria office REIT-AG

Complete recommissioning of lift systems after modernisation

The passenger lifts within the various properties of alstria office REIT-AG are used several times a day and are indispensable, especially in multi-storey office buildings. Therefore, they cannot afford a breakdown or a lack of safety measures. Modernisation of the technology and design of their 14 lifts had become necessary. 

Eleven lifts were equipped with completely new drive technology and high-quality glass linings in the cabin. The modernization enables alstria to put the lifts, some of which were no longer intact, back into operation and to comply with the current safety regulations and standards for all installations.

Digital remote control and disabled access

An additional requirement was to equip the lift systems for disabled access. Therefore, voice announcements, control panels with tactile writing and seating options were installed in all 14 lift cabins.

The lift control system was completely renewed and equipped with a digitally networked remote monitoring system. Sensors that send data on the condition of the lifts in real time can monitor the systems and ensure maximum availability.

Facts & Figures

Solution - Service: Modernisation of 14 passenger lifts
Application: Office Building
Maintenance: Yes
Modernisation: New cabin lining, renewal of drive and control technology, introduction of digital remote monitoring system
Emergency: Yes
24/7 Remote monitoring: Yes


  • Alstria office REIT-AG decided to modernise its 14 passenger lifts to equip them with the latest technology and contemporary design.
  • In order to make access to the office building easier for everyone, the lifts have been equipped for disabled users with voice announcements, control panels with tactile writing and seating.
  • Lödige Industries' own Customer Care Centre always ensures a high level of accessibility and reliability.
  • The digital remote monitoring system offers alstria the guarantee of maximum availability and safety of their lifts.


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