Customised lifting solution facilitates parcel handling in Lippstadt

Efficient and secure parcel handling for German parcel delivery company

Online retail is booming and parcel delivery companies are more in demand than ever. To ensure that parcels are delivered on time, a German parcel delivery company at the Lippstadt site relies on the Express Loader from Lödige Industries. The parcel delivery company particularly benefits from the efficient, robust, and safe use of the Express Loader when loading and unloading trucks.

Location: Lippstadt, Germany
Completion: 2021
Customer: Package delivery service

Efficient equipment for loading and unloading trucks for parcel deliveries

Our customer, a large German parcel delivery company, has had a central hub in Lippstadt for its parcel delivery for many years. The aim was to make the loading and unloading of lorries more efficient without having to modify the site or the hall structurally. Therefore, the parcel delivery company was in need of a structurally independent and at the same time efficient alternative to manual loading and unloading of the trucks.

Together with our customer, we developed a targeted lifting solution several years ago, which is optimally adapted for use in parcel delivery. In 2021, we revised the original solution once again and renewed it at our customer's site.

The Express Loader can be used flexibly as a mobile lifting table at the Lippstadt site and can be moved at short notice if required. The Express Loader has a load capacity of up to 3,000 kg and transports at a standard lifting speed of 0.2 m/s. 

The Expressloader - a robust and durable alternative for parcel handling

The Express Loader offers great advantages for the handling of parcels in Lippstadt, not only because of its efficient use.

Due to the high quality standards in design and production, the customer can rely on a robust and durable lifting solution. This means that heavy and light parcels can be moved and delivered permanently and reliably.

For many years, the Express Loader was in use with this customer. In 2021, we revised and renewed the original solution.

Safety in use is the top priority

In addition to all the technical and constructional advantages of the Express Loader, safety for the user has the highest priority. The application is not only designed very intuitively, but the entire lift complies with the general lifting platform standard DIN1570-1.

An integrated traffic light system additionally makes the positioning of trucks much easier. The installed roof also serves as weather protection and reduces the risk of slipping for the user.

Facts and figures

Solution: Express Loader
Application: Package delivery
Lifting capacity: 3, 000 kg
Lifting height: 2.77 m basic starting height + 1.4 m lifting height
Nominal speed: 0,05 m/s
Platform dimensions: 1.7m x 2.7m (L x W)
Drive: Hydraulic (Electr. engine 3,0 kW)

Application of a simple, efficient and robust lifting solution

  • By using the Express Loader, the parcel delivery company can make the handling of parcels at the Lippstadt site much more efficient. The parcels can be loaded faster and in greater numbers.
  • Due to the high-quality standards in design and production, heavy and light parcels can be moved and delivered permanently and reliably.
  • The intuitive use of the Express Loader, as well as the integrated traffic light system for positioning the trucks and the installed roof contribute significantly to increased safety for the user.


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