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Lifting Table Solutions for ramp handling tasks worldwide

Lifting tables with up to 100 t capacity

Over 70 years ago Lödige developed the first product: a manual pump truck with lifting characteristics - the "Lödige HubFix". Afterwards according to the principle of simple goods lifting, the extensive product range of hydraulic lifting tables was developed.

To date, over 11,000 units have been delivered to the industry worldwide. The scissor lifting industry tables product portfolio ranges from simple flexible scissor lifting tables with a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg to complex truck lifts. The truck lifts as double scissor lift tables can reach a maximum height of 12.5 m and lift up to 100 tons.

Our standard and special scissor lifting table solutions are applied in the industry, trade and logistics systems as well as by building operators and public institutions. The simple operation and high reliability are the characteristics of our lifts. We place great emphasis on integrating your individual needs. Taking into account the structural conditions, we choose the perfect solutions from our wide range of products.

Lifting Tables up to 6,000 kg capacity

Lifting height up to 1,800 mm
Load capacity up to 6000 kg

The lifting tables in the Middle Class are available in any preferred size. Thanks to the modular design (base frame, scissor arms, hydraulic unit, platform sizes and options) they can be easily adapted to individual needs, taking into consideration also characteristics of loading/unloading areas.


  • Infinitely variable hydraulic height adjustment
  • Extensive project know-how 
  • Production according to German quality standards

Lifting Tables up to 100 t capacity

Lifting height up to 12,500 mm
Load capacity up to 100 t

To bridge variable levels and for very heavy loads, we have developed highly effective solutions in the form of our Giant series of Lorry Lifts. These LorryLifts are designed for loads weighing up to 100 t and elevations of up to 15 m. The Giant HS 20 is capable of raising or lowering an entire truck of up to 20 m in length to the desired loading level.


  • Platforms for all conventional types of truck
  • Customer-specific superstructures
  • Save time by conveying straight to the desired level
  • Save space with the scissor lift platform instead of a ramp
  • Compliant with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Compliant with DIN EN 81-2 (on request)

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